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Assetwatch’s ® next generation customer relationship management system will allow you to deepen your bond with your policyholders, increase retention, gain more referrals and grow your profits.

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Retention increases when your policy holders feel valued and important. With AssetWatch® you will provide exceptional customer service with minimal effort by offering your policyholders a unique application that simplifies their lives and creates opportunities for continuing contact between them and you which yields stronger relationships and higher retention.



Branding your services has never been so easy. The AssetWatch® white label EZBrand system allows you to connect with your policy holders on a daily basis – not just during policy renewals and claims.



AssetWatch® was designed using industry best practices for both security and performance. AssetWatch® uses the same encryption technology and physical security used by today’s largest banks. Our practices are monitored and verified by TRUSTe® and VeriSign®.



Marketing in today’s competitive environment can be challenging. AssetWatch® helps you harness the power of social media by building an ongoing relationship between you and your policy holders, providing added value, and publicizing your brand whenever a policyholder shares an item on any social media platform, which will in turn increase referrals and produce more new policies.



Turnkey solutions get you up and running quickly. AssetWatch® QuickStart technology allows you to easily offer your policyholders a fully branded multimillion dollar application without the expense or hassle of dedicating and maintaining significant IT resources.



Profits increase when you offer a differentiated service. AssetWatch®, being such a service, provides a variety of opportunities for referrals and quotes with your policy holders, which in turn will provide you a real opportunity for increasing your revenue and profits.

Why would my policyholder value this?

Your policyholders will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they will be protected as their insurance needs change throughout their lives. They will use the application to simplify and organize their everyday lives. Whether it’s performing a complete home inventory; storing important insurance information, documents, passwords or wallet information; sharing on Facebook® or Pinterest®; selling an item on Ebay®; or simply requesting a quote for a newly purchased item. As a result your bond with them will grow stronger over time.


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AssetWatch® provides bank–level data security.
Our security and privacy practices have been validated by an independent third party.

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